Zyxel SSL Site to site not working

Zyxel is not the most popular brand in here but i give it a try becouse it is what i have to work with in this case.

trying to do a SSL Site to Site VPN to pass a temporary syslog.
i have tried the built in guides and guides on youtube and internet from Zyxel to set it up.

  • Each site have the oposit sites IP adress.
  • The LAN subnets are different.
  • Encryption is set same on both sites.
  • same password. (ruled out incompatable passwords bu useing just 123456789 for test)
  • firewall rules are in place on both sites, (firewalls are factory default exept VPN and WAN interface settings)

Site 1 have stativ IP
Site 2 have dynamic ip but a public facing one.

i did try to do a packet capture while i do try to connect from the other site and i do not get any trafic at all from that IP.

Any good ideas or questions so i can try to se what i have missed?