ZFS pool size doesn't show on windows after pool increase

I had about 20tb on a pool in TrueNas and I wanted to expand the pool so I watched this video TrueNAS: How To Expand A ZFS Pool - YouTube

I then expanded my pool but It did not extend the Drive in the Windows server How do I make it increase space from 20tb to 30tb without losing Data from the drives.

Also I did the ZFSlogs after watching this video Explaining ZFS LOG and L2ARC Cache: Do You Need One and How Do They Work? - YouTube
My question is currently I have the SYNC on the pool enabled because I did not have a ZFS log now I do should I disable this and how does it affect my data?

Finally Let’s say I got 2 more SSD (same size as what we have) and we want to add them as spare drives. Do we make another VDEV and add them BOTH or do we make 2 VDEV and add 1 each? Just not sure how the SPARE VDEV works.

  • How is Windows connected? If its a share it should show more space, if it’s iSCSI you need to increase the size.
  • Sync setting can be changed without causing any issues with the data.
  • Drives are added as spares to the pool, not to a vdev.