ZFS Pool creation advice

I am building a TrueNAS system with 1x Dell PowerEdge R610 as host. Attached to it are
1x Dell PowerVault MD1200 (12x 3TB LFF HDD)
1x Dell PowerVault MD1220 (24x 1TB SFF HDD)

The storage are connected via daisy chain and the connected to TrueNAS host using a Dell PERC H200 IT mode HBA card.

I will be be creating:
1x pool with the 12 HDD with 4x SSD for metadata for my backup storage
1x pool with the 24 SSD for XCP-NG VM where high IOP is preferred

I have been reading a fair bit on ZFS and I come to the conclusion that for my xcp-NG use case I would need to go for either
8x VDEV with 3x SSD in mirror
4x VDEV with 4x SSD in raidz2

Could anyone please tell me if the sacrifice in storage using the mirrored solution is woth it over the radz2 solution? Will the performence be significentl higher or just a little bit?

As for as the backup pool is concern, would you recommend that I use:
2x VDEV with 6x HHD
3x VDEV with 4x HDD

Thank you all in advance

Make it a learning experience :wink:
Create the 2 scenarios and do the measurements yourself - that is great for learning!

See in Tom’s videos how he demonstrates/tests the performance of different setups…

Happy experimenting :slight_smile:

That was the plan. First I need to figure out how to use Phoronix tool but It also good to ask people with real life experience

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