ZFS, Degraded pool, SSD VS SAS 10K

On my TrueNas Sale server, I have a drive that has 10K+ errors, and TrueNas has ejected it from the pool. I think it is one of the 10K RM drives.

I am trying to figure out, should I order a used replacement SAS drive, and wait for about 2 weeks, or should I buy a SATA SSD tomorrow and put that in? I do have some SATA Rust on a second pool in the same system. The server is powered off, and unplugged until I have moved, and can power it up to find and replace the drive.

It is not a good idea to mix ssd and spinning rust. I would order a replacement and wait.

In case you don’t know about it, the former Reddit r/zfs group has a new home and you can get some pretty expert advice on ZFS stuff there. It’s at discourse.practicalzfs.com.