ZFS and iSCSI share backup server setup

I was given a task out of my area of expertise. I am sure I can manage if someone can point me in the right direction, doesn’t have to be step by step guide.

I need to setup a backup server for another server which holds CAD related software and processes a lot of data. It would be nice to backup VMs and said CAD files. Here is my approach to this.

The backup server spesc are:
Dell R740xd
Disk pool 1: 2x512 GB sata ssd
Disk pool 2: 6x8TB sas hdd
Raid controller PERC H730P Mini
4x32 GB Ram
4x1 GB NIC

The cad server NIC has 1 10GB SFP slot free for my use and I have a 10 GB SFP switch to use too with abundance of free 1GB etherner ports.

I want to use it for backup and host some other VMs. My hypervisor of choice is either proxmox or free esxi. The ssd disk pool would be configured via hardware raid and used for hosting hypervisor and as datastorage for vms/lxc containers.

The hdds would be attached as passthrough disk directly (HBA) to the FreeNas as zfs storage. Not sure which raid would be optimal. I would probably like RAID10 for speed and redundance but think raidz is preferred when you go with zfs?

I feel quite confident about the part above, here is where it gets tricky for me. What is the optimal (or good enough) way to configure this as a network storage for the CAD server? I was thinking about creating LAG for 2-3 nic links (the 4th one I would keep for other vms hosted on the machine). Not really sure what would be the optimal way to connect the backup and cad server to be honest.

Than create iSCSI storage on freenas. Assuming I am successful with those steps how would I go about configuring cad machine? This machine hosts hyper-v hypervisor, is it a good idea to try to attach iSCSI share as a datastorage to the hypervisor and then share it with the vm or should I rather attach it directly within the guest windows VM.

I know this is a lot to digest but hopefully someone can give me a hint or two. Thank you.

Virtualizing FreeNAS/TrueNAS is a terrible idea and for every people that has it working there are a plenty of other people that have issues with it.

Ok noted, I will stick to jails than. Could you please give some input on proper iSCSI storage setup?

As it is evident I am quite clueless about the concept. Is it a good idea to use it as a datastorage attached to other hypervisor or should I rather use it as a network storage directly within guest vm?

You can do both and it depends on the goals. Personal I prefer NFS for my VM storage and if there is a need to present a large drive to Windows instead of having the clients connect directly ot FreeNAS/TrueNAS then iSCSI is a good way to do that.

Alright, thank you for the input. I realised my approach was flawed. Since I am setting up a new system I can test few options and benchmark them instead of setting my mind on a single option.

I also found this awesome video of yours:

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I watched your video regarding iSCSI and NFS listed below. Not being familiar with setting up iSCSI, do you have a method on the requirements for your iSCI and how you setup your configuration?

I used the wizard in TrueNAS.