ZeroTier Flow Rules

I’m looking at ZeroTier to potentially use for managing a few servers I have in different locations. Something that I would like to be able to do is restrict those servers from talking to one another but have the ability to allow them to talk to a small set of specified devices that I’ll be doing the management from.

I feel like it may not be too complicated to make happen, but I’ve been wrong before. Hahaha

I did find a set of rules a guy posted from a setup he used at DEFCON one year to do something similar but in the reverse (I think). But, I can’t seem to reverse the rules in a way that gives me the right results we need.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!

This write up looks like it might do what you are looking for.

Yep. Recently found that one. Going to start tinkering with it and see what happens. Thanks!

This set up definitely worked! Thanks for the link tom.

Now to dig into some more options for using ZeroTier!