Zerotier Controller

Can any one guide me on the forum to create a private Zerotier controller. Zertotier documentation in this regard is not complete.

Reasons :

  1. I do not want to route my traffic thru Zertotier.
  2. I want to bypass free limit of 100 devices.
  3. Want to do from scratch to understand Zerotier properly.
  4. Plans to do some experiments.

Thanks in advance.

I have never built it and I don’t have any plans to do it right now. The code is all on their site

ZeroTier 1.x intentially doesn’t have documention on how to create your own “Planets” which are the root servers they run, because they didn’t want to mess with their “zero configuration” system for the majority of use cases. You can set up “Moons” which handle your issue #1 (the clients contact the planets first, get the list of Moons for your network, and after that only talk to the Moons and your other clients). Instructions for that are here:

ZeroTier 2.0 is going to bring in the ability to create your own roots and remove the default ones: - I don’t see any more news about its release date yet.

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