Zerotier and possibilities

So I am reading this wiki ( on zerotier and as I am doing this, I wondered to myself if this would be a good solution for offering remote support via RDP to clients if I had dropped a small device in their network to act as a Bridge. Assuming my local LAN didn’t have the same subnet range as the clients LAN, this should work in theory? My thought behind this is that while we use SW RMM, we are a Linux only shop and it’s a PITA to have to fireup a windows VM to use the Take Control remote viewer for SW to login and do a quick thing here and there. @LTS_Tom, thoughts?

Points to consider;

1, Cost of these devices

2, You’d have to put your monitoring/RMM and anti virus on these machines which will cost.

3, Allowing RDP on the LAN which may not be the best idea due to weak user passwords.

Edit: doesn’t logging in via rdp knock the user off the PC? That would defeat the point.

Also I don’t use SW , but our Datto has extra tools on the side like seeing cpu and memory usage on the side while working so no need to have task manager open blocking some screen, these small things make it easier to work on machines.