Zabbix Windows Agent GPO

Hi everyone.
Love Zabbix and have used it to monitor a small number of devices. However, I am gearing up to deploy this to all my windows servers/desktops.
I can’t find much of anything to help me automate this process. I would love to use a GPO to simply push the install (if not already installed) but can’t find a answer to this.

Does anyone know if an easy way of doing this? I have 100+ devices and having to run around to each device is going to be a pain in the you know what.

I am now looking at using Ansible + Chocolatey which is just more work for me to do.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

GPO can only push out an .msi, but there might be tools from Microsoft or third parties to change an .exe into a .msi so you can push it out.

You could probably put it on a shared space and push a powershell script out to each workstation to have it installed, might be worth a little work to see if this is possible.

Another option is to create a power shell script and supply the install flags of your server and port and other parameters. Put your exe on the sysvol so you can call the exe in your script. Make sure to put some logic in your script, like if zabbix directory doesn’t existing then install zabbix. Then create a GPO to run script on startup.

I did this in previous jobs.

If you want some help creating a script just let me know.