Zabbix Proxy in Synology Docker Container

Hey team, hope everyone is doing well?

We’ve just setup Zabbix to monitor all our cloud hosted linux instances and a few Draytek Routers. A lot of our clients have Synology’s on site and we are looking at monitoring SNMP devices inside their businesses.

Just wondering if anyone has setup a Zabbix Proxy on a Synology Docker Container? I feel the docker app on the Synology is a bit restricted and struggling to edit the zabbix_proxy.conf file.

Any feedback would be great!

We don’t have any Synologies using Zabbix but has some really good guides on getting docker things working that might be helpful.

You’re a gem mate, thank you.

Curious side question since I am not overly familiar with zabbix (sorry for thread hijack). So we have a bunch of Linux boxes out there as well … some cloud and many on prem as hardened backup repos. We want to monitor them as well specifically hardware via SNMP. But we have a hard time considering putting an agent on all these systems that reaches out to the internet.
How is zabbix for security in such a situation? There were some zabbix related cve’s in years past. Just curious how zabbix can be locked down .

Our Zabbix Server is hosted in a data centre in Australia, we have a heap of 3CX servers and UniFi Controllers with the same DC company but located at the closest DC for each client.

Have setup PSK Encryption for all of them running the agent. We also look after a ton of Draytek routers, majority of them are in bridge mode DSL but for the few we have setup SNMPV3 with AES & DES, locked down contact from our zabbix server only as well.

Reason we’re looking at the agent-proxy is we have done a few Starlink installs and being being the CGNAT is an issue, so to get something on site as well as utilise that device to do network discovery would be great.

Just been having a look at maybe getting a Lenovo Tiny PC, throw Linux on it and make that the proxy.

Not how the pricing would be in your area, but there are these ZimaBoards that are X86 and might work well for a Linux Zabbix proxy.