Zabbix or Solarwinds

Hi everybody!

Tom, from your youtube videos, I assume you use both products.
When do you use one and when the other?

Do it has to do with the need or not for an agent installed on each machine?


The Solarwinds stack monitors our clients Windows based workstations and servers, Zabbix monitors pfsense systems and specific Linux servers. Both use agents for their data, but in the case of Zabbix and it being open source, the agents are offered in the repositories of a lot of Linux distros and as a plugin for pfsense.

I appreciate your input!

@Panfilo What is your use case? I’ve used Zabbix and Solarwinds NCentral. I only use Solarwinds NCentral now. I consulted setting up Zabbix for another MSP. Zabbix can be very time consuming to get up and going to where it’s productive. If you’re good with Linux, that helps, but setting up the agents and templates can kind of be a pain.

Thank you for your answer!
I’m just fishing.
At my work we use Solarwinds, its being underutilized and we want to change that.
I installed Zabbix on a VM, but as you said, setting up templates was a pain. But I attribute it mainly at me, not knowing.

At the end, I feel like learning Zabbix by myself, because at my work they already made their minds.

Go were the money is. Your company is using Solar Winds so become proficient in it first. Then start learning Zabbix. Solar Winds will provide a much quicker return on your time investment and provide you with an experience baseline, which you can expand on when you start learning Zabbix.

Like Tom I use both, and they are each good in their own right for their use case, but if I were to compare the 2 Solar Winds is the Rabbit and Zabbix is the Rabbit Hole.

Thank you.

My question was was more like “As a business, Zabbix or Solarwinds?” Not “What should I learn, Zabbix or Solarwinds?” My mistake.

However, your opinions enhanced my understanding of the differences between Zabbix and Solarwinds.

That would be a much longer conversation. Which tool is right for the company to use all depends on the company, its goal and direction and what it needs out of the tool, and cost and resources. With some rare exceptions there is no tool is better than another tool, its all about which tools is a better fit for you.