YubiKey And Fortinet

Wondering if anyone has ever configured 2FA on any Fortigate Firewalls? Long story short I am using a Fortigate 501E and YubiKey 5 NFC FIPS. I have followed a guide on how to configure the yubikey and I am using slot one of the key. I generate the csv file and try to import it in the fortitokens and it just turns red and will not save. The Fortigate is running 7.0.5 and the guide I followed is: Technical Tip: How to import YubiKey to FortiAuthe... - Fortinet Community
The only part of it I could not get was-First log into the FortiAuthenticator GUI as usual, then open the following address: https:///debug/thirdparty as this just brings me to a 404 page. I have full rights to the device and have been working on it for some time now so I am sorry if I am missing any information.