Youtube video xcp-ng and docker and kubernetes


There are a large number of youtube videos howto’s on getting docker and kubernetes on Proxmox.

The only video on xcp-ng and docker is hard to follow.

Would you be able to do one of your Tom’s videos on installing docker and kubernetes with xcp-ng ???

There is no native kubernetes or docker support in XCP-NG, you just load a VM and use docker or kubernetes in that VM.

They are working on this aren’t they? I haven’t seen anything in their videos or blog posts, but I thought 8.3beta was going to have native docker at some point.

Not much priority on that as there is not any demand from the enterprise space.

Guessing enterprise is mostly building a host VM for any containers that they need to deploy. While this does seem a bit “wasteful”, I also see what Olivier was getting at with security. If the container is compromised, then the DOM or XEN layers could be compromised.

It would make it easy for home lab to just blast a container up if this was native in XCP, and from my point of view, that’s what I would be looking for, ease of deployment. Guess I should stop being so lazy.

You could also create a cloudinit config that could help deploy your cluster for you.

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…and in the context of cloud-init, this may be helpful: Using Packer with XCP-ng

And perhaps it’s also worth taking a look at the other tools mentioned here: Infrastructure as code | XCP-ng Documentation

You might also want to take a look at other products that focus more on hyper-converged infrastructure and infrastructure as code, such as, combined with, rather than using the fork of one of the oldest hypervisors around, which naturally focuses more on managing traditional VMs :wink:

EDIT: And no, as Oliver Lambert said, I wouldn’t run anything on Dom0, it’s not a good idea. If you want to run Kubernetes on XCP-ng, use multiple VMs, preferably distributed across a cluster of multiple physical hosts, otherwise what’s the point of running Kubernetes if the infrastructure you plan to run it on isn’t at least somewhat hyperconverged :wink:

I’ve been meaning to get my hands dirty with harvester. Still looks like it has a way to go though.

I’ve been using xcp-ng personally and professionally for quite some time, but it has its limitations (2TB hard disks, cannot resize disk while vm is running, proper zfs support, etc).