Your Complete Open Source Virtualization Guide For Getting Started With XCP-ng & XO [YouTube Release]

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0:00 - Getting Started with XCP-NG & Xen Orchestra 2024
1:26 - XCP-ng Hardware Compatibility
3:51 - XCP-ng Installation Guide
7:42 - XCP-ng Management Tools Overview
8:44 - XO Lite and XO 6 Preview
9:58 - Deploying Xen Orchestra
10:36 - Xen Orchestra Appliance Deployment and Setup
12:20 - Connecting Xen Orchesta to XCP-ng
14:28 - How to setup Networking
15:25 - ISO Repository Creation
16:53 - How To Create A Virtual Machine
19:40 - Guest Tools Installation
21:00 - Managing Dynamic Memory & CPU in Virtual Machines
23:30 - Virtual Machine Networking
24:09 - Virtual Machine Snapshots
29:53 - Using Tags for Managing VM and System Resources
32:28 - Applying XCP-ng Patches
34:01 - Virtual Machine Migration
35:59 - Xenserevr Resource Pools Explained
40:24 - How To Join XCP-ng Hosts to A Resource Pool
41:45 - How To Change Which Host Is Master
45:41 - Setting up XCP-ng Storage
52:06 - XCP-ng Backups
52:55 - Pool Metadata and XO Backup Process
54:53 - Virtual Machine Backups

Thank you for this video!!! Been killing it with this videos and perfect timing for me.

XCP-NG vs IPv6?

Many thanks for interesting primer into XCP-NG world, really pushed me to give it a try and form the 1st point of view looks very promising…

But, let me have simple question: What about IPv6 support in XCP-NG hosts or in XOA?

Nothing too much to be found on that topic (just something like XCP-NG need IPv4 on management interface?).

Seems like XCP-NG host can have Static IPv6 address configured, didn’t see support for DHCPv6 or SLAAC? (But may be I missed something.) For now I only have static IPv4 assigned to my XCP-NG host from DHCP (static mapping) and no IPv6 at all.

For XOA I see it was able to configure it self with IPv6 from appropriate subnet, but again, nowhere to configure networking in XOA VM. Seems like it uses SLACC for IPv6 configuration, rather than DHCPv6 (where static IPv6 mapping on hostname would be possible) but haven’t found where to configure XOA network stack setup?

Anyway, thanks for very good job on XCP-NG series… I’ll absolutely keep on trying.

Have great day everyone…