Your advice please

I have a client (here in Australia) who has a small boutique B&B accommodation, as seen on the image below. The internet is from a satellite - 25/5 Mbps. Budget limited and so can’t extend to switches and USGs etc. and not too many devices. I plan on just adding a “Guest” wireless network via the Unifi Controller.

Just need a second opinion on the best way to go with this:

1: Loco’s or nanostations to the left and right to get the signal out to the buildings, then add an AP, or

2: A UAP-AC-M Pro on the Office /Home and then a UAP-AC-M on the house and the round Yurt and Mesh them together.

3: Other way?

I prefer site to site with nanostations and avoid bridging unless necessary. Bridging adds latency and slows the connection down.