Year end financials, new bids and YouTube Videos

I have a pile of products we are reviewing and It has been a few days since posting a video. For those of you wondering what happens at Lawrence Systems between the videos here is a run down:

  1. I am finishing up the year end financials and how we made money (or didn’t). This will lead to adjusting things as needed at my office.

  2. Chasing money still owed for projects and making sure clients are happy.

  3. Reviewing / Working on a big project for infrastructure given to us by another IT company that we have worked with many times in the past that will have about 400 drops across 3 floors and 3 IDF rooms.

  4. Expanding on some new business offerings and services for the followers on our YouTube channel.

I am posting this here as I am both interested in how you do your business year in review and to gauge interest in me making a video about these topics. Also, a big part of the planning for my 2019 videos will be giving a more in depth perspective on how we provide services to our clients. :slight_smile: