Yeacomm NR610 Outdoor 5G Router (dual sim)

Hello! Hope you are all well. I have setup two of these 5g outdoor routers (Yeacomm NR610) for my employer and they are currently up and running with no issues. I am not an IT, and I am looking for some direction from the IT gurus on this forum on ow to set up remote management on this product. I am having no luck finding documentation on remote management configuration. I have tried the configuration as shown on the attached picture with no luck. I am sure I am missing something very obvious : ) Would you be able to provide some direction on TR069 remote management? Thank you!

I really do not recommend opening up the WAN side to the public internet.

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post Tom. Agree with your comment. I will continue searching the forum looking for a secure way to manage this device. Cheers. Thx!