Xrdp or X2go which is best?

My customer has decided to opt for Linux only operating system for his servers. He is very happy with the performance. Now he wants that all the employees use the applications resides on Linux server using traditional windows desktops. In short he wants to use Linux server as terminal server.

What is the best Xrdp or X2go ?

Why Linux can not offer plain and easy solution for rdp call ?

I have never user Xrpd, but X2go works fast and great.

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Dittos to Tom’s answer. If your client want a 2nd choice [if they have support plan issues] to compare then look at No Machine. I have been using X2go for a about a month now and am satisfied with its ability. Still offer No Machine it is sometimes just a matter of client preference.

If you want to specifically use an application, X2go will allow you to load just that and pretty much treat it as another desktop app. In my mind Xrdp is only better if you want the full RDP experience or want to use gnome 3 desktop.