XOA storage disk migration

Had this question myself - google / forums didn’t seem to have an answer… Likely because I didn’t realize xoa refers to the disks as “VDI”. Guess they decided on the acronym before virtual desktop infrastructure was mainstream?

For those of us used to vmware where everything is contained in a single content menu from right clicking… XOA hides relative actions/features in every “tab” or page.

So for anyone needing to update their NAS / SAN without having a VM down - just go to the VM in question > storage > and a little return logo = migrate.

“What if I have 50 vms?” Home > Storages > YourStore. Then checkbox what you need and go crazy.

All you have to do is click the boxes / select all the VM’s you want to migrate (or creates a job to do it for you) and when you choose migrate it will ask for a storage destination

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Yup - as mentioned in my last sentence. Just hoping to help somebody else who didn’t see where to do this at first. +1 for the picture, I probably should’ve thrown one in (since it’s so easy on this forum to do so). It’s good to know it can be done from the VM page too, just to be sure you’re migrating what you want. In case the disk name doesn’t help.