XOA Pool Patches - No status

I’ve upgraded my Pool once before without issue.
Today I opted for “Install Patch” option verses the rolling patch, as I’ve only one Pool. I still have the warning icon that patches haven’t apply been installed. Both apply patches (rolling and install) buttons have been grayed out and there doesn’t seem to be any Tasks… Anyone run into this before, know how to check status? Thanks.

You can ssh into the host and run:
yum update
to see if any updates are needed.

Thank you Tom. Also found by looking at the individual hosts there was a warning icon that I needed to reboot the master… A little obtuse process but I appreciate you leading me down this Xen path Tom!

Observations: Although only the Master had a warning icon that it needed a patch, all hosts needed to be updated and rebooted. Only then did the Pool update warning go away. The Rolling Patch and Install Patch remain grayed out, apparently no patches to install.

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