XOA Deployment Port Issue

I recently made the decision to migrate my lab from various bare metal installs to XCP-NG. Install on the first box went smoothly…until I get to deploying XOA. I ran into 2 issues here that completely stopped me in my tracks.
When using Quick Deploy: It seems even after enabling port forwarding on 8888 on my Unifi Dream Machine Pro, something is still blocking the port and not allowing Quick Deploy to work. My ISP ‘confirms’ it is not them, though I’m not sure how much I trust that information. Not sure if I need another firewall rule in place or what else might be the issue there.

When attempting to build XOA: Using XCP-NG Center, I cannot get it to create a SR for ISOs. I am hosting my storage on a QNAP and am able to mount the NFS to my Windows machine, but XCP-NG Center refuses. Attempting to use iSCSI returns the same error (though that may be a configuration issue as I have never used it before). As such, I cannot feed it an ISO to get Debian running to build the XOA VM.

Hopefully someone has run into one of these two issues and is able to help me out here. Was really hoping XCP-NG would be a great move forward but as of now, I’ve hit a wall.

Storage should be on the same network as the XCP-NG system and should not be routed through the firewall.

Storage is definitely on the same network. As far as not routed through the firewall, I think I’ve got it right there. The QNAP NAS hosting the NFS share and the XCP-NG host can ping directly to each other and tracepath shows no hops between them.
I’m pretty new to setting stuff up this way (VMs, separate storage, etc.). All of my previous servers have been Ubuntu with all storage onboard.
Side note: This was my first post on the forum after following your Youtube for a couple years now, it’s awesome that you really reply to people. Thank you!!

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