XOA - configure SSH buttons appearing above console

In XOA if looking at the Console of a VM there are some buttons which appear just above the Console window. The left hand one is labelled “SSH” with tooltip text “Connect using external SSH tool as root”. The right hand one is labelled “SSH as…” and allows you to connect as a different username.

Where (how?) is the “external SSH tool” configured? Nothing happens now when those buttons clicked.



Does the VM have SSH set up? I think you still need the VM to have SSH running, just like you would need RDP running. But I may be wrong. Normally I just use the console to get far enough that I can activate RDP or SSH and then use an RDP or SSH client to connect and keep working.

That button opens a file or URL in on your system via your preferred application not directly in the browser. So it will depend on what you have associated with opening SSH on your system.

Thanks for info. I use PowerShell (or PowerShell in Windows Terminal) for SSH - Windows version of OpenSSH. Presume I would need to configure things so that ssh:// links get handled by that application.

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That works for me. “Long Term Support Tom" :slight_smile:

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