XO freshly compiled, Invalid Credentials admin@admin.net

Working in my lab, I have XCP-ng all installed and happy, XCP-ng Central works to control my pool just fine, can launch Linux and Windows vms all good. I am ready for XO. I watch the youtube and follow the instructions, Debian 10, Debian 11, Ubuntu 22, with SSL without SSL. I have ran through the compile process about 5 times now, nuking each instance after then starting fresh. Each time appears to be completely successful. Every dang time, admin@admin.net and admin password invalid credentials.
What am I missing here?

There was a flaw that has been fixed, pull new source code and it should be good.

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HI Tom, Thanks for the reply. I will give it a shot… problem is I did all this testing today, looks like the code merged to master branch yesterday. I’ll keep digging in and open a bug if this continues.
Thanks again, appreciated.

Well following those instructions and switching to that specific branch, then running the update again fixed it up!
Thanks again Tom!

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Not a problem, happy to hear you got it working.