XG7100 & UniFi USW-16-POE VLAN/APIPA issue

Hey crew,

I have been working on segmenting my home network using PFsense. I started off by following the guide by Lawrence Systems.

I have created a separate VLAN named OFFICEVLAN10 and assigned it the range of []

I followed the interface assignment steps and I have made sure my VLAN had tag 10 and then applied the four firewall rules that are created in the video referenced above.

I then went into my UniFi network controller and created an OFFICEVLAN10 network set to VLAN only with a tag of 10 and then assigned the switch port profile to OFFICEVLAN10.

After following the guide it seems that the DHCP isn’t leasing out an address and instead a 169.xx address is given, any suggestions?


Questions that have been asked previously:
“Did you enable the DHCP server for the new VLAN?”

Yes sir,

Please post a screenshot of the rules you created under VLAN 10.

There is a picture of that in the album I posted in link-one good sir. My apologies for not specifying.

Do you have one physical cable connected to the “LAN” and one physical cable connected to “WAN”? I believe your issue is the Interface Assignments are incorrect. Try switching “OfficeVLAN10” to Network port to match the LAN interface. Parent interface should be “LAN” under the “VLAN Interfaces” as well.
I can spin up a pfsense VM if you need screenshots.

Yes please,
I am a bit confused because I followed the video on LS’s YT channel and the instructions had you set the interfaces like this https://imgur.com/a/vAzBSHL.

This is the physical layout: https://imgur.com/a/rc0u6rV

I really appreciate your time, thank you.

See if this helps you,

With the XG-7100 make sure you have the switch config done properly which I reference at the 9 minute mark

And is detailed out in their documentation https://docs.netgate.com/pfsense/en/latest/solutions/xg-7100/switch-overview.html

Your physical setup will work. Below are screen shots from the VM I setup and tested.

Thank you both very much taking time out of your busy days to provide me these references. I appreciate it big time.
I will report back with my results

Edit: Fantastic, the port tagging solved my issue. Brilliant as always Mr. Tom

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