XG 7100 VLAN Trunk

I have an XG 7100 setup and it’s going into a unifi switch. I’m trying to get multiple VLANs to go over one port in PFSense. PFSense does all the DHCP and DNS. I have everything working if I do one VLAN per switch port into the unifi.

I’m not sure how to get multiple VLANs to go over one port. I tried to adding the port to every VLAN in the switch configuration but that didn’t work and seemed to leave the machine on the other end of the unifi switch looking for DHCP.

So right now it’s configured so that VLAN 10, 20 and 30 all on port 8, 9T 10T. When I connect that into the Unifi port 1 with a network of all. Then the Unifi Port 2 is configured for 10 and the Port 3 is configured for 20. When I connect a machine into 2 or 3 the machine just spins looking for DHCP I think. On the router side of PFSense 10 20 and 30 all just point to the LAGG. Just remembered I think Port VID is set to like 10? I don’t know what to set that too. And 802.1q is enabled.

I think the firewall rules are right. I think at one point I even just allowed all traffic on one of the networks. Which would be fine for testing it briefly.

I’ve been digging through documentation and Lawrences videos but I haven’t figured it out yet. Thanks for all your help. The videos are very helpful!

I explain the VLAN settings for the 7100 starting about the 7 minute mark:

It looks like I have to tag the ports when I add them to the VLAN? I’ll have to try it later. This confirms my suspicion. I have no idea what the tag is for or what it means.