XG-7100 VLAN Issues

Hi Guy,

New to the forum but have been watching for a while :slightly_smiling_face:

I have got a new Netgate XG-7100 and i have been trying to setup a VLAN to use for the client guest network but i can get any communication from what configured on the netgear switch to the vlan network setup on the firewall. I know this firewall uses switch port and i think this might be where im going wrong.

Setup is as follows:

XG-7100 Pfsense device eth0 = wan and eth1=lan > Netgear 24p Managed switch

Vlan setup withing pfsense the way i would normally do it through assignment and vlans and on the switch just allowed tagged traffic to be routed through on the ports that require the access.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Have you followed my XG-7100 VLAN setup as I did here? In addition to creating the VLAN in pfsense, the LAGG for the 8 ports switch as to be tagged in as shown in this video.

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Yes i had set it up as shown within your review, i have removed everything i had done when i installed the device and i have completely setup from scratch, just waiting to here from my client to see if thats resolved.

Thanks for the reply, hopefully all sorted :slight_smile:

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