Xenserver/Exsi + Pfsense/Sophos + Vlan - Solved

Hi so I am trying to upgrade my home lab and for this purpose I have purchased Dell t710. I am planning to have it for All-In-One running Pfsense as my firewall, web and mail server + some OS like Linux Mint and Win 10. For backup I have additional Qnap NAS to have all my important documents saved on two locations.

At home I share my internet with my neighbor and to prevent him going in to my network I fixed that with VLANs.

So my current setup is
Laptop running Pfsense (this is a temp solution as my previous thin client broke down)
Two HP smart switches
1 Cisco AP (with 3 VLANs, mine, guest and my neighbor)
1 qnap running web and mail server
2 qnap for back up

As mentioned before I want to combine now Pfsense in to VM as well web and mail server

But the problem that I am facing is I got Xes server running with Pfsense and it works OK with only WAN and LAN setup. I can’t create VLAN as there are no net interfaces available under Parent interfaces. So I tried to restore back up file from my current setup (adjusting the xe0 and xe1) but again no luck on internet but I did get all VLAN setup.

So I would appreciate a guide how you have created a VM with Pfsense running.

In my Dell 710 I have additional 4 port NIC that I want to use as 2 for WAN and 2 for LAN
the onboard NICs I will use one for management to Xen server the other three for other setup.

So goal is to create Pfsense VM that will allow me to join VM to assigned VLAN as well other devices connected on Switch to be able to be assigned to VLAN depending on configuration.

p.s. I also tried with EXSi and Sophos in all combination all ending with same result.


ON LAN interface port group in ESXI I needed to set the VLAN to 4095 to be able to read the full range od VLAN’s

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