Xencenter mangement and trunk port setup

Hello everyone, Wanted to ask the community for help in regards to management and trunk ports.

My system is a dell r710ii with a 4 port network card. What i want to do is use one port for management and another as a vlan trunk port to use with multiple vms. I have a pfsense router with multiple vlans ( 10-MGMT, 20-VPN, 30-Lan,40-GUEST, 50-CAMERAS, 60-DMZ, 70-GAMES,80-VOIP, 90-IOT) going to a mikrotik CRS326-24G-2S+RM switch. I want to use 1 port for XEN Management (VLAN 10) and another port for a trunk (vlans 10,30,50,80,90) going to my xen server. If this is possible I would greatly appreciate it if someone could instruct me how to accomplish it with xcp-ng center 8.01 I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance

When you install XCP-NG, you specify the management port and vlan if applicable. So thats it for the management network.

Then once you’ve connected to the server, you’ll need to create networks (external network), You can specify a name and description of the vlan, then you will choose which physical interface the vlan is on, and then specify the vlan ID for the virtual network. Repeat for each additional virtual network.

Ok thanks for the info. One more thing is there a way to hide unused Nics in xcp-ng center.

Not to my knowledge within the GUI, might be a way to disable those unused ports in network config in the bios, which should prevent them from showing up. If XCP-ng is already installed, you can rescan hardware to update the list, once the unused ports are disabled. That being said it doesn’t hurt anything to leave them alone, and just show disconnected either.

I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions. I have one more and this should be the last. The computer that xencenter is on is in vlan 30 and xcp-ng management is in Vlan 10. Before i started messing around with it it was in vlan 30 with a dhcp reserved ip and it worked fine. When i swicthed it to vlan 10 it worked fine but when i tried to make the vlan networks from the former vlan 30 port after making it a trunk port xen center all of sudden would stay connected for 1 min then disconnect. It would automatically reconnect in 120 seconds but i could manually reconnect but it would still disconnect after a minute. My question is do you have an idea what this might be and how to correct it.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry, after re-reading your message a number of times, I’m not sure I follow your question.