Xen Orchestra / XCP-NG - Remote Backup Network

I am totally lost

I have a truenas server that has 10GB network card, a xcp-ng server with 10gb card.I am trying to setup xcp-ng to backup to the truenas using this card.

What ever I do, I can not get the remote setting to connect to the truenas.

Does any one has step by step what configuration is required on the XCP-NG / Xen Orchestra to get Remote settings to connect over the 10GB

Network Pool Info

I just released a new video explaining how networking works in XCP-ng and XO here:

I have a video here explaining the backup system

Hello Tom,

Have watched your video’s but still can not get the XO remote backups to work.

True nas ip is

XO, network pool setting

XO , host network setting - I have assigned

From the Truenas server(Shell), I can ping

Trying to setup NFS remote for backups,

I get the following error message

“shortMessage”: “Command failed with exit code 32: mount -o -t nfs /run/xo-server/mounts/d2a4ec1e-827a-4c26-abed-0b7a5823c8e2”,
“command”: “mount -o -t nfs /run/xo-server/mounts/d2a4ec1e-827a-4c26-abed-0b7a5823c8e2”,
“escapedCommand”: “mount -o "" -t nfs "" "/run/xo-server/mounts/d2a4ec1e-827a-4c26-abed-0b7a5823c8e2"”,
“exitCode”: 32,
“stdout”: “”,
“stderr”: “mount.nfs: Connection timed out”,
“failed”: true,
“timedOut”: false,
“isCanceled”: false,
“killed”: false

What I am doing wrong ?

Note : if i use the management network it works - just can get backups to work over the 10GB network card

Got it working on smb share, just nfs is not working.

We see what happens over the weekend with the backups