Xen orchestra/xcp-ng local zfs clone sr

I have local zfs pools native on the xgp-ng hosts and I’d like to clone a snapshot and mount it - I’ve tried this several ways and I do have a ticket open with vates but I wanted to ask here as well as sometimes its a bit of a rabbit hole.

my use case is failback of DR and also wanting to use zfs replication rather than XOA - XOA works great but you can only fail over not back (per XOA) - you’d have to setup a new job and seed it etc.

We are rapidly moving from vmware to XOA but we use ZFS replication and also Zerto for DR currently so I’m trying to find a path forward. In Vmware you can just assign it a new UUID

thanks for any help, our migration is going well but I still have this DR issue to figure out

There is not really any good or clean way to do that. ZFS just has the disks and none of the VM data.

Thanks Tom! I’ll stop trying to Xen work like Vmware . I’ll do more reading on how the metadata is stored

Just use their built in Backup and Disaster recovery options

Can’t failback with that but I hear you thanks, its solid except for missing that ability