Xen Orchestra VM - No IP Record

I created a VM to use as my Docker server in Xen Orchestra. I configured the IPs in Settings. XO-ce is showing an address in the Network tab, but my Docker VM is not showing anything.

I set 2 Allowed IPs, but still nothing. Btw, the OS is Debian. xe-guest-utilities not installed (not in Deb repos, it seems).

Probably part of the reason why I can’t my UniFi controller on the correct subnet (a separate issue for me to troubleshoot w/ Portainer, lol).


Edit: I just noticed xo-ce, which I installed using Tom’s video How To Build XO From Sources on Debian 10 Using XenOrchestraInstallerUpdater - YouTube has Management agent 8.0.50-1 installed. So it is somehow possible to get the Guest Utilities.

To fix your agent being installed on your Debian box you can follow this guide.

As for your network setup I think there needs to be more information. Are you dealing with VLAN’s? What does your pool network look like on XCP-ng? what about your firewall config and what that looks like?

Thanks. I got it working. My VMs (only 2 atm) now have full internet access.