Xen Orchestra update

I am a newbie on xcp-ng and XO. But with the help of LTS’s youtube (and a few others) I’m getting stuff done for learning.

I built XO from source. Now that an update has come out, how do I update it?

Thanks in advance

at the terminal

sudo curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Jarli01/xenorchestra_updater/maser/xo-update.sh | bash -s --f

This should give you the update.

Thanks for the try. I tried pasting this into putty and it’s giving me an invalid option. I complied XO on ubuntu 18.04 if that makes a difference.

if i take the --f off the end i get an error “bash: line 1: 404:: command not found”

I think i got it. I needed to put in my email and name for the the bash to retrieve from github

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