Xen Orchestra Server to TrueNAS NFS


I have followed all your video on settings Xen Orchestra and Truenas - great video by the way for helping users to setup these servers

I have setup a Xen Orchestra and a Truenas Core servers - both running the latest versions.

Each server is managed by 1GB network card

Both servers also have 10GB network cards connected to a Unifi 10G switch - different IP address range than the management IP - both machines can ping each other.

The issue is that I can not setup remote NFS share on the Xen to enable backups - it timeouts

Error message is

“shortMessage”: “Command failed with exit code 32: mount -o vers=4.1 -t nfs /run/xo-server/mounts/ecfdd200-bbfa-45dc-b57a-9e64f6885afa”,
“command”: “mount -o vers=4.1 -t nfs /run/xo-server/mounts/ecfdd200-bbfa-45dc-b57a-9e64f6885afa”,
“escapedCommand”: “mount -o “vers=4.1” -t nfs “” “/run/xo-server/mounts/ecfdd200-bbfa-45dc-b57a-9e64f6885afa””,
“exitCode”: 32,
“stdout”: “”,
“stderr”: “mount.nfs: Connection timed out”,

Yet, I can setup Xen NFS storage without any errors

This has me confused, any ideas what is work.

This sounds similar - Can't add NFS Remote | XCP-ng and XO forum

When setting up NFS in TrueNAS make sure you have the “All Dirs” option checked in the NFS settings and that all the machines can access the share.

Thanks for the responses

No sure if I understand ’ Can’t add NFS Remote | XCP-ng and XO forum;

Are you saying I need to add the 10GB network settings in Xen Orchestra , XCP-NG application or the XCP-NG Console

I have ticked ‘All Dirs’ for NFS

XO should not need access to it.

Thanks for everyone help, still can not get it to work

Adding SR in Xen Orchestra works fine - just remote NFS access is not working

Xen Orchestra Host Info

Xcp-NG Info

I think I have resolved it, I need to reboot the servers I few times to see it still works.

Been a long day , going home will test tomorrow

Thanks for the posts, everything is now working :grinning:


Nice, what needed to be done? I was referring to the solution which outlined that XO is what will mount the remote, so the interface needs to be added for that network otherwise it will not be able to reach the truenas box.

I’m about to try the same set-up over the coming weeks.

Needed to add the 10GB network card to the Xen Orchestra virtual server.

So I have two instances of the 10GB card setup -

Xen Orchestra virtual machine with IP - has two network cards - local lan and restricted 10GB to the truenas. Added 10GB IP info to /etc/network/interfaces (no gateway or dns)

Xen Orchestra - as per screenshots above (different IP