Xen Orchestra - New Installation


My mistake when creating the Xen Orchestra server I did not give it enough diskspace - the server is nearly out of space.

I have a backup that backs up the Pool Metadata and XO Config

Can I do the following

Shutdown the existing Xen Orchestra server

Setup a new Xen Orchestra with the same IP address, and restore the Pool Metadata, an XO Config - we will have a working system and no manual config changes are required

Where is XO running and do you have more space that can be allocated?

Here is the process that I’ve used when giving more space to a Windows VM:

Shutdown the VM and add more space. I then rebooted to see if I could extend the partition into the free space and found the recovery partition in my way (not contiguous)

Shut it back down. Load some kind of linux rescue disk with favorite drive tools (gparted???).

Boot into rescue disk and start drive tools. Look at partition scheme and where the free space is located (probably at the end of the partitions). “Move/Offset” each partition until you can move them to the end of free space and get free space “contiguous” to the partition you want to grow. Save and commit changes.

For Linux you could probably stay in your rescue disk and extend your partition to use all the free space. For windows boot back into windows and open the Disk Management tool. Now right click on the partition you want to extend, and extend it to consume as much of the new free space as you want.

That said, your idea of making a new XO and restoring “stuff” should work, I know the config works perfectly. I’m not sure that you need to use the same IP, you might just be able to make a second instance of XO and restore the stuff over to it (just a guess).

Issue resolved, I have a fully working Xen Orchestra with 30GB hard drive instead of 10GB