Xen Orchestra from sources - warning CentOS 7 support dropped

Just a warning for those running XO on a CentOS 7 machine… CentOS 7 has been dropped from the Ronivay scripts:

I started to read this just after starting the update process. The update said it worked, but I had to go back a few versions to be functional again. Not sure what is broken, but I could not get the web interface to work after the update. What I have working is XO-Server 5.71.2 and XO-Web 5.75.0 on CentOS 7 with the latest patches.

What I find slightly odd is that CentOS 8 is still supported even though it will be EOS before CentOS 7. I’m guessing that some adjustment to the script could be made, looks like 7 needs Python3 installed and then have the OS checks removed. I may or may not try this. I may just move off to Debian or Ubuntu like so many other people are doing.

Need to break out my Pi 400 and see if this will install, never did get XO to work on my Pi3, maybe with the 4gb of ram I can get it working. Mostly for fun, since all of this is in my test lab.

[edit] I think I know why the script did not report an error, the xo-install.sh is from October 2020, so it is not checking on versions. Might need to download the new ones, and not just run the update option.