Xen Orchestra Disconnecting from XCP Host

Hello Everyone,

Never really had any issues with Xen-Orchestra until now. Relatively new box for XCP-ng. Recently during backups I have been getting failure notifications, but some successful ones in the mix. In the backup report i has been saying a mix of either,

  • Error: HTTP connection has timed out
  • Error: connect ETIMEDOUT []

Logged in last night and noticed that in xen-orchestra my host 1.20 is not even connected. If i disable the connection and re-enable it it will come back for X amount of time could be 5 min or 1 day. I don’t think this is related to the backup tasks, that’s just when i started noticing it.

Screenshot log for /var/log/daemon.log

Google’ing the errors don’t really produce much except some really old citrix forum posts.

Any help or guidance is appreciated as always. (currently it has disconnected twice since I started writing this)

Sound like you have a networking issue, possibly an IP conflict.

Ill take a look to rule that out. nothing should be assigned to this ip since its outside the scope and it’s reserved for this machine…but there could still be some mystery machine set to 1.20.

I was thinking maybe it is the 10GB network adapter that i have in there…Asus XG-C100C 10G

On another note backups went successfully last night. Although these days I’m not even sure they are good backups, probably a good time to test the Health feature they have now. The only thing i have changed is i shut down one of the virtual machines in case it was over loaded somehow. Before shutdown there was 8GB of free ram in the machine doesn’t seem like that should be related.