Xen Orchestra behind HA Proxy error 503

Hi All!
I have XO built from sources, installed with the XOInstallUpdate script. I used Tom’s video and set it up on port 443 with the self generated certificates. I then added XO to the backend and frontend (internal network only) in pfsense ha proxy, and set up a host override to point to the firewall in the dns resolver but all I get is “503 Service Unavailable” and more recently firefox displays “The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.” I did all the combinations of the backend checkboxes for “Encrypt SSL” and “SSL checks” (had them checked and unchecked. Still no dice. I have a bunch of services set up like this and they work but XO doesn’t want to work. Is there something extra that needs to be done for XO in HAproxy?
Thank you!

There is nothing special about my XO setup in HA Proxy, this is the back end sttings:

Mode Name Forwardto Address Port Encrypt(SSL) SSL checks
active XO Address+Port: 443 yes no

I do have a DNS / SSL troubleshooting guide here:

Also make sure you are following my latest guide on HAProxy

Thank you Tom! Happy New Year!

I wasted half a day on this today… finally I just deleted all the HA Proxy entries that had to do with the “xo” subdomain host I originally created and then recreated it again… and what do you know… it worked.

At least I got to watch your updated HAProxy 2023 and troubleshooting video 5 times while trying to fix the issue :slight_smile: . Good stuff in both of those videos! Thank you for all the content you make and all your time on the forum.

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Happy to hear you have it working! :slight_smile: