Xen Orchestra Backup From Backblaze

I have a Delta Backup being saved to my TrueNAS box and from there cloud replication to Backblaze.

I want to restore a specific virtual machine to a totally separate instance of xen orchestra and xcp-ng.

I downloaded the delta backup from Backblaze, now is there a way to restore this delta backup to the new and separate instance of xcp-ng?

You point the new Xen Orchestra “Remote” (backups location) over to the place you downloaded the files.

So I did that bun Xen Orchestra doesn’t see the backups for some reason.

The remote in XO should point at \\YourServer\backups\ and in the root of that there should be a directory called xo-vm-backups

Yeah that’s what I thought ,and that’s what I set up.
It just doesn’t see it for whatever reason.



Okay, so I rebooted Xen Orchestra and then tried again and now the data is showing. Not sure if its a bug or what but anyways, appreciate your help & response @LTS_Tom !

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