Xen orchestra automatic vm periodic snapshot

I am new here in freenas and xcp-ng and xen orchestra i just made a freenas server and set periodic snapshots in a pool now i wonder if i can do same thing in xcp-ng vm, i installed xcp-ng and configured xen orchestra for first time use but now i stuck if i can do the same thing as in freenas so can you please help me?

Automatic VM snapshots in XCP-NG are handled by Xen Orchestra under backups.


Snapshots are OK, but in most cases they are setup as crash consistent and not always dependable. If you can’t make them application aware (especially for DB services), I would recommend you setup a process where the snapshot is taken when the VM is shutdown first. This is a very common practice prior to installing system updates or application upgrades. For Xen Orchestra, I would look into what they call “quiesce snapshots”. This will require the install of XenTools, but make sure your applications are supported.

thanks … it’s very helpful…

and thanks for the detailed video @LTS_Tom