XCPNG - VM boots once fine, but hangs on subsequent boots

I have an older i7 box that I want to install XCPNG on for a family member to be able to mess around with and see if they want to get into IT.

I’ve got XCPNG 8.2.1 installed on it and it’s fully updated. There is 32 GB of ram in the box and storage is all local.

What I’m finding is that if I boot up the host and then boot up a VM it’s fine. If I shutdown/restart a VM after that first one it freezes on boot. For example I’m trying to deploy an XOA from source VM so I’ve built a Debian 11 VM. The install of the OS went fine, but when it reboots after the install it hangs. I reboot the host and it’ll boot into the VM just fine - for example I installed the guest tools in the VM and then rebooted to activate them and it’s hung on the Grub screen. If I reboot the host the VM will boot fine the first time, but hang the second time.

I used to run ESXi on this box so I don’t think it’s a machine limitation, but that was was like version 6.0 or something.

Anyone have any ideas what might be up?


For giggles, try to set the boot firmware to uefi.

I tried that and it sits on Guest has not initialized the display (yet).

It’s really puzzling that the first VM boots fine after the host is rebooted but any subsequent reboots hang.

VT-D is enabled in the host bios as well. Host is running a UEFI bios as well (if that matters).