XCPNG VDI SR migration capped at 1gbps

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this is already a known thing but when transferring a VDI from local to remote storage is there a 1gbps cap? I tried a few different times from a few different hosts, confirmed the transfer is being done over my 10g connection, and the NFS storage on the other end is fast enough. I also know that 10g is working because I get about 3-4gbps when transferring vms between hosts on shared storage.


Is your NFS network going through the firewall by chance or do you have 10G links all the way around?

I confirmed it wasn’t going through the firewall but I also have 10G link on the firewall too.

Are you using nfsv3 or nfsv4?
Was the migration live and what state was the vm? Halted or running?