Xcpng how to get the VMs to point to LUN again

I changed my network from to
I have my xcpng lab pc with and now
and my synology changed from to

xen orchestra can’t start the machine because the vm was created and it was in a LUN in my synology.
How can I point the VM to the LUN again? (it is inside) do I have to create a new machine and point it to the LUN again?
when I tried to recreate the LUN with the previous information I am alerted by xcpny that the information in it will be destroyed.
Any suggestions?
I also posted in the xcpng forums but no results yet.

I have never tried changing the IP of an existing iSCSI LUN, their forums are the best bet but there is probably some command line way to change it, but I am not certain.

Thank you for the reply. If I do not get an answer I will create vlan for the synology and the xcpng box and take it from there. Of course I will report back if I get an answer so it can hopefully help someone in the same situation

The only method I am aware of that works is shutting down the VMs using the storage, removing the SR and adding it back with the new IP.

Normally say in the case of NFS we add it as an additional SR under the new IP address with a new path and just do a storage migration.

thanks. I will try before putting it in a subnet. thanks again