Xcpn-ng and multipath iSCSI


I am building an xcp-ng cluster with 3 nodes and 1 FreeNAS server as SR.
All the xcp-ng server has 2x 10gbe port but I can add more if needed…
My question is this:
Do I need multipath iSCSI with using 10GBe NIC?
Would you bond 2x10GBe port?

I have a 10GB switch and a classic 1gb 48 ports too

It should work with bonding the to 10GBe’s together, but that will only benefit you if the FreeNAS system is fast enough to handle the speed.

@LTS_Tom are you referring to the speed of the HDD or the CPU/RAM in general?
I have SAS HHD not ssd and 64gb ram 2 x Intel E5-2650 Xeon Eight-Core

Drive speeds. Unless you are going to an all flash/SSD drive you are not likely to over saturate the 10gbe.

Thank you :slight_smile: