XCP-NP vswitch capabilities

Does the vswitch in XCP-NG do mac learning like a normal hardware switch? In ESXI, you need to turn that feature on and it is only on the distributed vswitches. If I decided to move from ESXI in the future to XCP-NG this is a needed feature. I have a few VMs that run docker images using macvlans for direct IP assignment to the container. Thanks for any info!

I don’t have any issues with docker running on XCP-NG.

Call me inexperienced, how do you set up docker on XCP-NG? My docker knowledge is basically nil, but something I need to learn.

I have a Debian Linux VM in XCP-NG and it has a Docker container withing that VM.

Here is a good resource to start learning about Docker & VM’s https://www.backblaze.com/blog/vm-vs-containers/

OK, I thought I might be missing something about docker on XCP-NG without putting it in a host VM. Docker directly on XCP-NG would be a cool addition.

This is running docker in a VM, but when you give the container direct access to the network via macvlan networking in ESXI. ESXI wont recognize the nested MAC address in the VM for the container. I’m curious if XCP-NG will by default. ESXI you need to turn on mac learning on the Distributed vswitch, because ESXI only recognizes the MAC for the VM, it doesn’t learn about nested MAC addresses for the containers when you network them using macvlan. Normal Docker network works like it should in the VM. It is only when you network with macvlan instead.

Proxman has that feature. You can run containers directly on the hypervisor.