XCP-ng+XOA Job Search Advice

Hi all,

Beyond the typical IT job search advice (resume, linkedin, workintech.io, etc etc.), would anyone have any advice on narrowing my search specifically for XCP-ng+XOA jobs? This category seemed maybe most relevant.

I know this is still rather niche, but considering the maybe not insignificant exodus from VMware, as well as Tom’s focus/interest on XCP-ng/XOA, this place may not be a bad place to ask. Recently my employer and I decided on a “mutual separation” from a job where I have 4+ years of experience with XCP-ng+XOA top to bottom in production for a company with 150-200 users and four locations (and a co-lo cab). It was two person team with myself on infrastructure, and the other guy more focused on end-users. Tom’s videos were a tremendous help for pitching that server rebuild project, as well as getting myself started.

My first instinct was to reach out to a couple MSPs local to Nashville that I had met with somewhat recently hoping that they may see a need for someone to assist with the exodus, and I do not doubt that folks with 4+ years of production experience with XCP-ng are a bit of a rarity right now. Beyond that, poking around on any of the remote job boards on workintech.io.