XCP-NG/Xen-Orchestra - Disk Boot order

Does anyone know how to switch which disk gets booted to? It tries to boot to a disk I passed through instead of the boot disk for freenas. It appears that it tries to boot to xvda which is not supposed to be the boot disk. xvdb is the boot disk. How can we customize the order if there are multiple disks attached to a given VM. You input is appreciated. Thanks.

Well. I did some experimenting. I removed all the disks and it appears that readding them seems to have resolved the issue. I guess you have to make sure you add the root disk first. The order of adding the disks seems to have an effect. I hope they implement a way to re-order the disks.

Might be worth posting to https://xcp-ng.org/forum to see if there is a way or to find out how to flag it as a feature request.

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