XCP-NG with local 10TB drives instead of NAS

I’m trying to reduce the complexity of having so many systems and would like to have a standalone XCP-NG system with 4 - 10TB local disks.

I can’t seem to get past the 2TB limit when I mount the disks, so that’s my immediate problem. I saw this workaround How To Create Or Add More Than 2TB Storage To Xen Server/XCP-NG Virtual Machine (VM) | by Shehu Awwal | Shehu Awwal | Medium

and plan to try that next. Is there a better way to mount and be able to use a 10TB disk locally on XCP-NG? Thanks.

Setup the 4 drives using ZFS then mount it as a storage in XCP-NG.

I was fixated on mounting them individually, so I thought I had to do that first before ZFS. Thanks for the tip!

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