Xcp-ng with 2 Hosts -- Is it possible to clone and use VM on second host?

I’ve spun up my second instance of xcp-ng with 2.5Gb networking – so far so good using Andrew’s custom xcp-ng installation.

I have 4 VMs on the first host and so far no VMs on the second host. I’d honestly like to shortcut VM installation on the 2nd host by actually cloning and copying a VM from first to second host. I’m not trying to do a live migration, simply shortcut setting up a 2nd VM. I’ve done something similar using the TrueNAS core bhyve hypervisor and once I took a snapshot – created a clone – deleted the snapshot – and then used the cloned zvol as the disk – I just had to change hostname and MAC address. I was wondering if something like that was possible with xcp-ng. Another alternative is to use something like ansible, however I don’t think I can run ansible directly on the hypervisor. I’m open to any ideas.

Xen Orchestra has the ability to make a copy of a VM and have that copy go to another host.