XCP-NG Windows 10 install fails / know if my setup is compatible

Hello everybody, this is my first post in this forums, I discovered XCP-NG thanks to Tom’s videos in youtube and I’m amazed on the possibilities it offers.
I’ve been using esxi for years, but I want to try xcp-ng so I’m setting up a test environment to give it a go.
The problem I’ve came across is that I’ve been able to complete xcp-ng install and install Xen Orchestra, but when it comes to create VMs and installing OS on them I’m having lots of problems.
For instance, with Windows 10 I’ve tried different ISOs and multiple installs but I never get past half of the intallation process, when the machine reboots it boots to UEFI shell and doesn’t detect the drive where windows theoretically is installed so I can’t boot it to continue the installation.
I’ve also tried to install Ubuntu and it was painfully slow.

So I’m thinking that maybe I’m missing something that I would have to configure or verify prior to create new VMs or that my system is not supported.
I’m thinking this because my server wasn’t on the supported hardware list but I tried to install anyway and I could complete the install without any errors and all my hardware seems to be working correctly. Is there any way I can test/verify that my system is ready to work or find the issue that is causing Windows 10 install to fail?
(Just to clarify, before that I was running esxi 5.5.0 and I could run multiple win10&Ubuntu VMs without any problems)

I never install Windows 10 with UEFI, I use the BIOS setting. Also you could try loading other VM’s and see if they boot.

Thanks for your answer!
I’ve tried with BIOS mode and it worked, do you use all your machines with BIOS mode or linux VMs with UEFI mode?
I’ve downloaded some images in ova format for some linux distros and I could get them to bot but they were extremely slow. I guess the problem may be related to the hardware because even after installing all the PV drivers for windows it was still very slow compared to esxi performance. I’m going to try get a better server out from production to test XCP.

I have not done any testing with UEFI mode, all my VM’s are set to BIOS.

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