XCP-NG vs VMware operating cost for less than 3 hosts

I just wanted to see if I am missing something on comparing the operating costs between xcp-ng and vmware for a business production environment. I am trying to price out a hypervisor platform out for a company that has no more than 3 hosts. They will need support, so I am pricing out xcp-ng enterprise support with xen orchestra enterprise. If I compare this to VMware vsphere essentials plus perpetual license and annual support renewal, vmware is a much lower operating cost per year.
If they did need more than 3 hosts, then I could see where xcp-ng w/xoa would be cheaper, since their per host for support works out to be cheaper. Anyone able to shine some light on this?

When it comes to licenses and support costs it’s always best to pick up the phone to a vendor/reseller rather than assume you are reading something correctly.

Greatly appreciate the reply. I am in contact with vendors for both products.